This game is very bad,” Keane told Sky Sports after a 0-0 draw between Man Utd and Man City. “With the quality of the two-team squad, they need to show their desire to win. What Derby has only two yellow cards. I have not seen a derby that players hug and talk so much after the game. smiling and hugging the players, instead of going straight into the tunnel. I don’t understand them anymore. Everyone wants to be friends. I’m too angry because I think they have to find a way to win.

Man City held the ball as much as expected,” added Keane. “But they just pass and pass, it’s too easy to get cards. Never kick a draw, always try to win. Liverpool and Tottenham are playing well, and the other teams need to chase these two teams. playing for Man Utd, the goal is to win the match, not make friends.

The two teams only got four shots on goal. In the 79th minute, referee Chris Kavanagh drew the first yellow card, giving Harry Maguire. He drew only one more card in the 87th minute for Fernandinho.

Man Utd has a very good defense in this game,” said Keane, who received 69 yellow and seven red cards in 366 Premier League games. “But the attacking abilities of the two teams are very bad, very disappointing. They need to take a little more risk. I am not saying that they have to put seven or eight players in the penalty box. The midfielder John Stones said after the game. That he was satisfied with keeping a clean sheet, blah blah blah. It was played that he had to aim to win.