Klopp shook off the fear from Liverpool’s defeat against Man City

Before Liverpool, Klopp was once in a similar situation after bringing Dortmund to the 2010/11 Bundesliga championship. It is an amazing achievement for the Ruhr team because, in 2004, they were still on the verge of bankruptcy.
However, when Klopp told Dortmund players this summer the team started their journey of defending the title, there were no psychologically deceptive speeches to promote their determination to defend the title.
“We don’t expect to be interested again because there is no chance, because the opponent is giant Bayern Munich and normally, if you defeat them, they will attack back with what they have.” , Klopp recalled.
“So we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary that summer. We lost Nuri Sahin and brought back Ilkay Guendogan, which is obviously not a bad replacement. What we do is train hard. only and think positively about the future, “continued the German strategist.
Dortmund started the journey to protect the throne not smoothly. This team lost 3 of the first 6 matches under the strategist’s reign. “I’m pretty sure we’re only seventh in the rankings. The media in Germany has criticized us in every way we can. Whichever we lose focus. We don’t have enough ambition. are still celebrating etc. “, he said.
“After that, we beat Mainz 05 with a score of 2-1, the victory was really shocking, like sewing a needle with a 50m shot. And the whole team knew that it was time for us to stand up. Because Our head didn’t play badly, but the results were not good. That’s what happens in football, “Klopp continued.

Klopp từng đưa Dortmund lên đỉnh cao và đứng vững trên đỉnh cao

“From that moment, Dortmund broke all records in Germany: 81 points, not losing in 23 matches or the like”. In fact, Dortmund did not lose 28 matches in all competitions and won the Bundesliga double and the National Cup.

“We did it because we were still great,” Klopp recalls. : And we had the chance a year later (to reach the Champions League final and lost to Bayern Munich) but things were very different. “
“So we don’t have to change. The good things you have to maintain and improve the bad. And that’s what we have to do. It doesn’t matter what we won last season, The key is what we can look forward to, “emphasized the German strategist.
“We have never felt we have to win the Bundesliga to prove to the world that we are still at the top, because there is always competition and other teams are getting better and better. The 2011/12 awards are great, but there are times when everyone still criticizes us. “
“What I have learned here is that I am prepared for everything you say about us if next season does not go as expected. But as long as I see in my eyes the readiness of my ears, it will be. never affect what we do “.

Jürgen Klopp exclusive: 'My message is: Winning the Premier League ...

And it seems that is the factor to wait for the rise of Liverpool after a humiliating defeat of 0-4 against Man City. Like previous Dortmund players, Klopp looked into the eyes of his pupils at Liverpool to be reassured.
“These guys are special characters and I never even doubted,” Klopp said. “I absolutely trust them. They are not perfect and make many mistakes but eventually know how to stand up. Because I know them well, they are always mature, always responding, always understanding. They are thoughtful and always thinking. about the way we go “

Helping Liverpool win the Premier League, is Klopp the No. 1 coach in the world?

Jurgen Klopp led Liverpool in October 2015 to replace the dismissed Brendan Rodgers. At that time, this was still a club in turmoil. Klopp inherited an unappreciated squad but gradually adopted his unique philosophy.

Giúp Liverpool vô địch NHA, Jurgen Klopp có phải là HLV số 1 hình ảnh

Gradually, the German coach helped Liverpool improve and win the hearts of the fans. Five years on, The Kop under Klopp won the Champions League and the latest the Premier League, bringing together a world-class squad.
Liverpool set the record for winning the highest league title in England at the earliest. They were crowned early before 7 rounds when Man City was 2nd to 23 points after 31 rounds.

Pep Guardiola won with City four more titles than Klopp in less than a year. But the Spaniard has created more shopping opportunities in the past.

HLV Pep Guardiola gui loi canh bao den Klopp va Liverpool

Hamann judged Klopp’s achievements to be incomparable by the massive reconstruction he had at Liverpool. Now the 53-year-old is a leading figure in his job.
Hamann told The Mirror: “Right now, Klopp has to be recognized as the best coach in football. Pep Guardiola is a special coach, but when he came to City he took over a club that won the titles. ”
“Of course, what Guardiola has done at Man City in the last three seasons has to be acknowledged, but Klopp has taken over a club that has only won one League Cup in 10 years. He has to build a team almost from scratch. “
“That is why Klopp’s achievement is incomparable. He was the first Liverpool manager to win the Premier League and the first coach to win it. When you compare the squad he inherited, he almost completely changed with a net spending of about £ 50 million. ”
“When you look at the resources that other coaches already have, it makes Klopp’s achievement even more spectacular. He has incredible strikers with Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto Firmino. ”
“He developed the best two full-backs in the world, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson. Buying Virgil Van Dijk is a bargain even at £ 75 million because Liverpool’s problems over the past 30 years are due to defensive loopholes. ”
“A great team has to avoid two things. The first is complacency because even when leading with 25 points more than the rest, it never feels easy. The second is the fighting spirit and the current Liverpool never gives up. ”
“It all comes from the work of Klopp. He built a solidarity team that never gave up. ”

The 3 best Man Utd players to draw with Tottenham

Man United faced many difficulties before Tottenham when they were soon ahead of their opponents in the first half. Only when Bruno Fernandes successfully completed the 11m kick, the Red Devils won Manchester a valuable point. Unitedinfocus newspaper pointed out the best 3 United players in this match

Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United's three best players against Tottenham - Bóng Đá

Fernandes has shown a leading role, even when United are not playing well. The Portuguese midfielder had 3 shots on target and confidently beat Hugo Lloris on the 11m mark, scoring an equalizer for Man United.

The combination of Fernandes and Pogba in the second half is also very promising. Ever since Fernandes arrived at Old Trafford in January, United are still unbeaten.

Paul Pogba

Manchester United's three best players against Tottenham - Bóng Đá

There is no doubt about Pogba’s talent and class. He was the man who created the turning point that changed the way Manchester United played when it was launched. The presence of Pogba helps United play more smoothly.
It was Pogba who brought the 11m result for Man United with a clever and technical move. No exaggeration to identify, Pogba is the difference. The midfielder also had a successful tackling phase and blocked the opponent’s shot twice.
The manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should have launched Pogba earlier.

Scott McTominay

Manchester United's three best players against Tottenham - Bóng Đá

McTominay at the beginning was a bit off, but as the game progressed, this young talent showed more certainty in the game. When pulled back to center-back position, McTominay almost made Harry Kane not have much room to score.
McTominay has 2 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 4 successful tackles.

Mourinho ‘said badly’ Solskjaer before the great battle of Tottenham vs MU

Solskjaer was the one who was chosen by MU to replace Mourinho in December 2018. It took nearly a year later for the Portuguese strategist to find a new port, which is Tottenham.

Mourinho ‘nói xấu’ Solskjaer trước đại chiến Tottenham vs MU

MU under the former player Soskjaer has gone through ups and downs but gradually built the Red Devils back to an attacking style and revolves around young, enthusiastic people. That’s why Solskjaer receives more support every time.
Meanwhile, Mourinho at Tottenham is in an unfavorable position – ranked 8th in the Premier League after 29 rounds and 4 points behind MU.
If MU aims to qualify for the Champions League next season after ranking 5th, 3 points behind Chelsea, Tottenham is probably the Europa League after reaching the Champions League final last season.
But the match against Tottenham vs MU was very much waiting, because Mourinho met his former team that fired him, and Solskjaer expected the Red Devils to play jubilantly in the ‘start over’ season – like crushing troops. Chelsea 4-0.

Tottenham supporters urge club to 'do the right thing' on furlough ...

In the first leg at Old Trafford, MU beat Tottenham’s Mourinho 2-1. Whether Mourinho and his students can ‘claim debt’ or not, they still have to wait, but according to The Athletic newspaper, Mourinho took advantage of it… slander Solskjaer before the game.
According to this source, Mourinho informed people that the job at MU might be not suitable for Solskjaer, leaving the former Red Devils player overwhelmed when sitting on the ‘hot seat’ at Old Trafford.

The competition between MU and Real Madrid

MU is planning to recruit Donny Van de Beek, the player is said to have reached an agreement to move to Real Madrid with a £ 49 million contract. And according to Executive Vice President Ed Woodward, MU only spent about 36 million pounds
This agreement took place before the Covid-19 epidemic. For now, due to the financial impact, Real Madrid seems hesitant to recruit Van de Beek. Taking advantage of that opportunity, MU is planning to bring the 23-year-old midfielder to Old Trafford. This is the player they pursued last summer, but failed. The good relationship between Executive Vice President Ed Woodward and sporting director Edwin van der Sar could make this deal more likely to happen. For his part, Van de Beek was quite excited about the opportunity to play in the English Premier League.

MU, Tin bong da MU, Tin tuc bong da, MU mua Van de Beek, Greenwood mặc áo số 7, tin tuc MU, chuyển nhượng MU, chuyển nhượng bóng đá, Van de Beek, Greenwood, bong da, M.U

Van de Beek grew up from the Ajax youth team and scored 38 goals in the last 3 seasons. In the 2018-19 season, he joined Frenkie De Jong, Matthijs De Ligt and Hakim Ziyech to help Ajax play well in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Those three names have all left Ajax, and Van de Beek is expected to follow in his footsteps.

Despite extending Odion Ighalo’s loan until January 2021, MU has not given up the intention of recruiting a new striker. And according to the Mirror, they will probably recruit Raul Jimenez – Wolves’ main striker this summer.

MU, Tin bong da MU, Tin tuc bong da, MU mua Van de Beek, Greenwood áo số 7, tin tuc MU, chuyển nhượng MU, chuyển nhượng bóng đá, Van de Beek, Raul Jimenez, bong da, M.U

This season, Raul Jimenez continues to show impressive form with 22 goals and 10 assists after 44 games. He is a striker model (1m90), rich in strength, and is considered the ideal replacement for Romelu Lukaku, who moved to Inter Milan. Currently, Real Madrid is also interested in a 29-year-old Mexican striker. He also has a 3-year contract with Wolves.
Last April, Wolves bought Raul Jimenez from Benfica for £ 30 million – a record in club history. Perhaps, they would demand double the number, if Jimenez were to leave

MU has failed in the first transfer negotiations

MU transfer: MU seems to have failed to expand the loan contract with striker Odion Ighalo of Shanghai Shenhua.

Bóng đá chưa trở lại, MU đã thất bại trong vụ đàm phán chuyển nhượng đầu tiên

Odion Ighalo’s loan contract with MU is valid until May 31, yesterday. MU really wants to extend this contract until the end of the season but the management club Shanghai Shenhua has firmly called the Nigerian player back.
“Red Devil” has made great efforts to negotiate to get satisfactory results. But yesterday passed without any notice regarding the extension with Ighalo.

Bong da, bóng đá hôm nay, MU, chuyển nhượng MU, MU mua Ighalo, tin tức bóng đá Anh, kết quả bóng đá hôm nay, lịch thi đấu bóng đá hôm nay, Ighalo, tin bong da, tin tuc MU

According to the Daily Mail, this means that MU has not been able to reach an agreement with Shanghai Shenhua on Ighalo’s case. Earlier, some sources said that MU even wanted to borrow Ighalo until January 2021. However, it seems that this will not happen.

Ighalo initially joined Solskjaer’s army with the purpose of short-term replacement for the injured striker Marcus Rashford. He was considered a “fire” when the club failed to sign Norwegian star Erling Haaland.

However, the 30-year-old had a convincing performance and scored 4 goals after 8 appearances for MU before the Premier League was suspended because of Covid-19. His memorable goals in MU shirt include a stunning volley against LASK Linz in the Europa League as well as a double against Derby in the FA Cup, thereby helping “Reds” into the quarterfinals.
Ighalo’s current contract with Shanghai Shenhua will expire in December 2022, but the Chinese club is expected to keep him until 2024.
Sky Sports sources added that Shanghai Shenhua initially only accepted to sell Ighalo to MU but did not want to extend the current loan agreement. The team can now allow Ighalo to extend his time at Old Trafford provided he signs a new two-year deal.

This day in the past: Drogba closed his glorious career in the Chelsea club

On May 24, 2015, Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba made the final match for Chelsea. Having moved to Chelsea in the summer of 2004 for £ 24 million from Marseille, Didier Drogba has dedicated his best years to Chelsea’s blue.

Ngày này năm xưa Drogba khép lại sự nghiệp huy hoàng trong màu áo Chelsea hình ảnh 2

He has been with Chelsea for two periods from 2004 to 2012 and in the 2014-2015 season. During the period playing for the London team, Didier Drogba proved himself to be a legend of the Stamford Bridge team because of his impressive goalscoring ability and great contribution to the titles.
He has won Chelsea 4 Premier League, 4 FA Cup, 2 Super Cup of England, and 1 Champions League title. After nine seasons with Chelsea, the Ivorian has played a total of 381 games and contributed 164 goals for Chelsea in all competitions.
On May 24, 2015, Didier Drogba played his final match for Chelsea against Sunderland in the final round of the 2014/2015 Premier League season.

Ngày này năm xưa Drogba khép lại sự nghiệp huy hoàng trong màu áo Chelsea hình ảnh 2

In the 3-1 victory at Stamford Bridge, Didier Drogba was replaced by coach Jose Mourinho in the final minutes of the match. In that special moment, Drogba was carried on the shoulders of his teammates to bring out the pitch in the cheering and cheering of the fans, and the visitors. Drogba officially closed his career in Chelsea after 9 seasons of football!
Before retiring in 2018, Drogba traveled to the United States to play in the colors of Montreal Impact in MLS and Phoenix Rising in the US 2nd division.
Although the moment Drogba broke up with Chelsea has passed half a decade, the Blues fans will still remember those moments, and forever see him as a true legend at Stamford Bridge!

Premier League, typical success of commercial football

Despite considerable success in Europe in the 1970s and early 1980s, the late 1980s marked the decline of English football. Stadiums collapsed, hooligan rife, and English clubs were banned from playing in Europe for five years after the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985. The first-class football tournament of English football, standing after tournaments like Italian Serie A and Spain’s La Liga in terms of participation and revenue. Some of England’s top players also moved abroad to compete.
By the early 1990s, the situation began to reverse. At the 1990 FIFA World Cup, England reached the semi-finals. At the same time, the European soccer regulator UEFA lifted the ban on English clubs playing in European competitions in 1990, leading to Manchester United lifting the UEFA Winners’ Cup in 1991. .
In the 1980s, big clubs in the UK began to transform into business ventures to maximize revenue. Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal are among the leading clubs in this trend. The commercial imperative led to top clubs seeking to increase power and revenue. They demand that TV companies pay more for coverage of football matches, and that TV revenue is increasingly important.

Premier League có thể thiệt hại 830 triệu euro - Bóng đá thế giới ...

According to online sports bookmaker Vwin, in 1990, the executive director of London Weekend Television (LWT), Greg Dyke, met with representatives of the major football clubs in England (Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton, and Arsenal). Dyke believes it will be more beneficial for LWT if only the larger clubs in the country are shown on national television and want to determine if clubs are interested in a large portion of television royalties. is not. Five clubs agreed with the offer; however, the tournament would not be prestigious without the support of the Football Association and so Arsenal’s David Dein held talks to see if the FA would absorb this idea.
At the end of the 1991 season, a proposal was made for establishing a new tournament that would bring in more money. The founding member agreement, signed on July 17, 1991, by leading clubs, established the fundamentals for establishing the FA Premier League. The teams have commercial independence from the Football Association, awarding the FA Premier League license to negotiate their own broadcast and sponsorship deals. The argument made at the time was that extra income would allow English clubs to compete with teams across Europe.
And the first Premier League was held in 1992.

Although not the place where the world’s top football stars converge, like in La Liga, the Spanish league, or not always dominating the peak of Europe, Premier Ligue is always a tournament with great influence. with fans as well as the business world. There the clubs almost never knew the crisis, they got richer every season.

Khán giả luôn lấp kín khán đài trong các trận đấu của Premier League. Ảnh trận Sheffield United gặp Leicester City, ngày 24/08/2019.

Players all over the world want to play in the Premier League, and companies are flocking to look for a place to sit on English football.
Only data from Sportical UK market research offices: In the 2019-2020 season, 380 brands from 46 countries in the Premier League enter the English Premier League, signing up to 450 contracts. Various sponsorships. A club in the top of the Premier League such as Manchester United signed 48 sponsorship contracts to collect 324 million dollars.

English football teams canceled two friendly matches because of Covid-19

The England national team had to cancel two friendly matches because of Covid-19
The England national football team canceled two friendly matches against Italy and Denmark in late March due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe. This is the result of an extraordinary meeting between the English Football Federation, the English Football Association and its related units today.
The parties agreed to postpone all football activities in the foggy country until 4 May to prevent the spread of disease caused by the new strain of the corona virus.

Members of the Everton, Watford, and Bournemouth football clubs have also quarantined themselves after members of those teams showed signs of Covid-19 infection. Earlier, both Arsenal and Chelsea were quarantined because coach Mikel Arteta and player Callum Hudson-Odoi were infected with the new strain of coronavirus.

Tin bóng đá 13/3: Đội tuyển Anh hủy bỏ 2 trận giao hữu vì Covid-19

The Premier League organizing committee decided on the fate of the season
and on April 16, the Premier League team, along with the top clubs, will meet online to decide the fate of the remaining matches of this season. A proposal expected to be made at the next meeting is that the tournament will end on June 30, whether or not the remaining 92 matches will be kicked. Independent newspaper said there are 9 clubs supporting the proposal proposed to complete before June 30.
One of the reasons clubs wanted the tournament to end on June 30 was because they were worried about the contractual maturity of the players at the time mentioned above. Although FIFA has decided that clubs can extend their contracts with the players until the end of the season, teams in the UK are concerned that this will entail contracting laws in the UK.
Previous meetings discussed the financial and salary issues of the players in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, crippling the club’s business operations. Today’s meeting will discuss the best solution to complete this season.

Premier League, bóng đá, bong da, ngoại hạng anh, bong da hom nay, covid-19, corona virus, arsenal, champions league, uefa

However, football officials in the UK are still uncertain when the top league of the Mist will return. On April 3, the Premier League organizers declared the tournament to be postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 epidemic and will return at a “safe and appropriate time”.