MU continues to show a “destructive” form when defeating Aston Villa in the early round of 17 match in the Premier League, thereby leveling the score gap with Liverpool. Therefore, the British media was extremely excited by Solskjaer teachers and students who are contributing to “warm up” the championship race with Liverpool before the encounter between the two teams in round 19 (January 17).

“While Klopp’s teachers and students lost points in the last 2 games, MU is doing very well with 4 wins after the last 5 matches. The encounter between the two teams at Anfield in round 19 will have an important meaning in the championship race. “, excerpt from the Mirror article.

In theory, MU is still behind Liverpool because of the lack of difference, but the impressive performance of “Red Devils” made The Sun excited. Instead of using the word “second place”, this newspaper humorously stated that Solskjaer teachers and students were “sharing the first place with Liverpool in terms of scores”.

“A new year, but MU has returned to the old image: the candidate challenged the championship. For the first time since 2013, over four generations of coaches, 36 recruits were recruited with 1 billion pounds thrown into the market. In terms of points, MU is sharing the top spot with Liverpool, although in fact, they are still behind the opponent with the goal difference – the loss “, excerpts from the article on The Sun.

The Daily Mail page confirmed that coach Solskjaer should start thinking about the championship, instead of being cautious as before in the context of his students playing too well:

“The fifth victory within 16 days of Christmas brought MU to the top of the rankings with Liverpool, a position they have not had since the beginning of 2013 under Sir Alex Ferguson, spent eight long years. thought it was too early to talk about the championship, but he could not say it forever if the team continues to play impressively as it is now.

As usual, Bruno Fernandes is still the most mentioned name after every MU victory. The Portuguese star continued to play aggressively and directly scored the 2-1 goal on the penalty spot.

The Daily Mail wrote: “Bruno Fernandes became MU ace again with his 11th goal this season. He has contributed 33 goals in 30 appearances for the Red Devils, including 19 goals and 14 assists, incredible achievement “.

Meanwhile, the Mirror page is full of praise for Paul Pogba, and at the same time expresses concern because the weaknesses of MU’s defense have not been completely overcome:

Pogba played an important role in MU’s victory. He was the initiator of the attack that led to the first goal, and at the same time brought a penalty to Fernandes. by defense mistakes.