“I just want to say, that football has always had room for such things. We need to praise West Ham’s character,” Jose Mourinho told Sky Sports after falling in the Premier League fifth round. “My players were not strong enough to deal with the opponent’s determination. Their mentality dropped in the last seconds, causing the home team to lose two points.”

Tottenham led West Ham three times in the first 16 minutes, thanks to a brace from Harry Kane and one from Son Heung-min. However, Mourinho’s army then sagged. Post-match statistics show that they finish less than their opponents (11 vs. 13), enjoy a half-corner (3 vs. 7), and only hold the ball better (52%).
“The game is under Tottenham’s control. We would have had a fourth, if Harry Kane was more accurate in the post. Gareth Bale had chances to close the game. But it was the ball. kick, “Mourinho continued. “Not intentionally, but the whole team fell in performance in the second half. When Harry Winks came on, we found balance back, but at the right moment in good control, West Ham scored and confidence in they give up. To lose a three-goal lead is a cruel but worthy penalty for us.

During the startup period with Porto and Chelsea, Mourinho famously played pragmatic, with minimal wins 1-0. However, this does not appear to be true when he leads Tottenham. The London side are the top-scoring team in the Premier League this season, with 15 goals in five rounds, and conceding eight times – just above Liverpool in the top 6. “Our goals have been surprising. First a free kick, then an own goal, and finally a second ball, “Mourinho said. “It is not easy to keep the spirit of being 0-3 and dragging into the opponent’s play. I know West Ham is different from last season.”
Sadness continued to cling to Mourinho when answering BBC. The Portuguese added: “We should have gotten stronger. In the second half, West Ham risked a high rise and exposed a lot of space. To be honest, I’m not sure why they could come back. “Because we missed the opportunity, or because of their determination? Maybe both.”
The West Ham draw caused Tottenham to miss the opportunity to step into the top 4, because Leicester City had just lost to Aston Villa, and Liverpool was held by Everton. “Rooster” is currently ranked sixth.
In the middle of this week, Mourinho’s teachers and students received LASK in the Europa League group stage, before being a guest of Burnley on October 27.