The Premier League saw the Super Sunday match well worth it, with Arsenal coming as a guest against Tottenham. The distance between the two teams now may be 12 places and 8 points after 10 matches, but the heat from the derby will never cool.

There is something quite confusing, when Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham – a coach notorious for his defensive philosophy, is one of the three teams to score the most goals in the Premier League, in the Top 3. Of course , along with conceding the least.

By contrast, Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal – who has been forged and worked in an attacking football environment – has only scored 10 goals in 10 matches. If you take Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City – who Arteta worked as an assistant for almost 3 years, only scoring 17 goals in 10 games to compare, it is just a fallacy. Arsenal has a problem and it’s with Arteta itself.

The Spaniard was appointed by Arsenal last December – just a month after Mourinho arrived at Tottenham. The former midfielder promises intense play, attacking play and it is believed that he really fits the style Arsene Wenger has built for Arsenal.

It is an attacking game with a feeling of carefree, even innocence, with the appearance of Man City, to achieve 2 titles in the FA Cup and Community Shield within a few months. Get into play, that’s what The Gunners fans want at Arteta.

But at an important crossroads, Arteta suddenly changed. It seemed that a 1-3 defeat at Liverpool at the end of September led Arteta to think he needed a balanced Arsenal rather than innocence. Immediately, he switched to a 4-defender plan instead of 3 as before. The result may be a victory over Liverpool at 11m in the League Cup, but Arteta did not foresee the consequences of the so-called “balance” – something Unai Emery had really wanted to do with Arsenal. As a result, Arteta’s statistics were worse than Emery at the same time.

Many big clubs don’t choose to have a well-balanced lineup to go up, but rather have a clear penchant for attack – attack or defense. There may be goals to lose, defeats are naive, but in the end, the most important thing is to score more goals than the opponent. But now, Arteta is “tied” to his attacking players, including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, into a form that makes them stuffy.