Before Liverpool, Klopp was once in a similar situation after bringing Dortmund to the 2010/11 Bundesliga championship. It is an amazing achievement for the Ruhr team because, in 2004, they were still on the verge of bankruptcy.
However, when Klopp told Dortmund players this summer the team started their journey of defending the title, there were no psychologically deceptive speeches to promote their determination to defend the title.
“We don’t expect to be interested again because there is no chance, because the opponent is giant Bayern Munich and normally, if you defeat them, they will attack back with what they have.” , Klopp recalled.
“So we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary that summer. We lost Nuri Sahin and brought back Ilkay Guendogan, which is obviously not a bad replacement. What we do is train hard. only and think positively about the future, “continued the German strategist.
Dortmund started the journey to protect the throne not smoothly. This team lost 3 of the first 6 matches under the strategist’s reign. “I’m pretty sure we’re only seventh in the rankings. The media in Germany has criticized us in every way we can. Whichever we lose focus. We don’t have enough ambition. are still celebrating etc. “, he said.
“After that, we beat Mainz 05 with a score of 2-1, the victory was really shocking, like sewing a needle with a 50m shot. And the whole team knew that it was time for us to stand up. Because Our head didn’t play badly, but the results were not good. That’s what happens in football, “Klopp continued.

Klopp từng đưa Dortmund lên đỉnh cao và đứng vững trên đỉnh cao

“From that moment, Dortmund broke all records in Germany: 81 points, not losing in 23 matches or the like”. In fact, Dortmund did not lose 28 matches in all competitions and won the Bundesliga double and the National Cup.

“We did it because we were still great,” Klopp recalls. : And we had the chance a year later (to reach the Champions League final and lost to Bayern Munich) but things were very different. “
“So we don’t have to change. The good things you have to maintain and improve the bad. And that’s what we have to do. It doesn’t matter what we won last season, The key is what we can look forward to, “emphasized the German strategist.
“We have never felt we have to win the Bundesliga to prove to the world that we are still at the top, because there is always competition and other teams are getting better and better. The 2011/12 awards are great, but there are times when everyone still criticizes us. “
“What I have learned here is that I am prepared for everything you say about us if next season does not go as expected. But as long as I see in my eyes the readiness of my ears, it will be. never affect what we do “.

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And it seems that is the factor to wait for the rise of Liverpool after a humiliating defeat of 0-4 against Man City. Like previous Dortmund players, Klopp looked into the eyes of his pupils at Liverpool to be reassured.
“These guys are special characters and I never even doubted,” Klopp said. “I absolutely trust them. They are not perfect and make many mistakes but eventually know how to stand up. Because I know them well, they are always mature, always responding, always understanding. They are thoughtful and always thinking. about the way we go “