Excessive caution

Considered as the focus match of the 6th round of the Premier League, but all that MU vs Chelsea can do is limited to opportunities. It can even be said that both strategists were aiming for a draw when using too cautious tactical scheme in this match.
Chelsea – one of the best attacking clubs in the Premier League and spent more than £ 200 million last summer bringing in new recruits (mostly on attack), using a 3-defender diagram to support competitor.
And if it wasn’t for goalkeeper Mendy with two great saves from Rashford, Chelsea would have left Old Trafford with two empty hands. Along with that is the good performance of Thiago Silva or Reece James, while the Blues’ attack does not make a game.

Man United – with a mental advantage after 2 wins, especially against PSG in the Champions League, continued to hold Van de Beek throughout the game to put his faith in the midfield pair Fred – McTominay.
In fact, Solskjaer took the initiative to put his best cards on the bench, and let the “stars will leave the field” to start (Juan Mata, Daniel James). Of course, Ole has too many choices in this match, but that is why he cannot play all his cards into the field (Van de Beek was not selected, and Greenwood was near the end of the game to enter).

Of course, Solskjaer’s approach to match like that has its reasons, but this is probably maximized in… Champions League. Why? Because the European Cup retains 5 rights to change people (6 if entering extra time) in Covid season, teams will have more choices. But in the Premier League everything was back to normal, 3 rights to change people.
Because of the extreme caution of the two coaches rumored to face the dismissal, the fans witnessed a great battle too cautious. And instead of a rain of goals, all we watch is … rain.

Improve the spirit of friendship
This is a game where expectations are destroyed, but there are… hopes. It is a good performance of the new factors on the two sides. With Chelsea, it was of course £ 22million goalkeeper Edouard Mendy, who had 2 debut matches with a clean record.
Including 2 great saves of Marcus Rashford divided equally in 2 matches. A footstroke to block a face-to-face situation (when the team-mates above have dumbfounded the ball), and a flying situation in which the view is obscured. Solskjaer’s happy act when he saw Rashford finish showing that, when everyone thought of a goal.

For the hosts, they can be delighted with Edinson Cavani’s short 30-minute performance – the seven-month-long striker without a match. But just seconds after he was on the pitch, he was able to score a bit more.

The appearance of Cavani in the penalty area gives Rashford the freedom to move wide, and is also a reliable destination for suspension. The ability of the 33-year-old assassin to cut is still scary, when it is necessary to have former teammate Thiago Silva to successfully stop (the situation where Cavani ends after a pass from Greenwood).

That optimistic signal is enough for both Solskjaer and Lampard to be happy, in the great battle they consider this friendly. The new season has entered the first stage and the schedule is very heavy, a little calculation is completely reasonable. Not to mention, heavy rain made the players’ ability to play and coordinate seriously affected, along with their physical strength, being worn out more than usual.
After the match ended, Cavani immediately ran over to speak with Thiago Silva, while Harry Maguire did the same with Ben Chilwell. They are all close friends and old teammates and accidentally make the match an interesting relationship like there has never been a separation.
And 1 point is enough for smiles to be present on the faces of all, in the pouring rain at Old Trafford!