Barcelona and Lionel Messi are in a tense legal battle over whether he still has a contract with the club or is legally terminated. Messi wants to leave the Nou Camp to be free to choose the next destination in his career, but Barca is determined to keep and stick to the 700 million euro release clause.

But at the moment Man City is very optimistic that sooner or later the Argentine superstar will set foot on Etihad to meet coach Pep Guardiola and help him reclaim the Premier League crown and bring “The Citizens” for the first time at Champions League. But only Leo’s appearance in Manchester will make Man City profitable commercially.
And Man City will definitely pay Messi very well for the benefits he brings. According to Sport in Catalunya, Messi can make up to 90 million pounds a year if he joins City, a total of 450 million pounds in a 5-year contract in which he will kick at least 3 years in Man City and The remaining 2 years are choosing to wear New York City FC in the US.
It is worth mentioning that Messi’s contract will actually belong to City Football Group because the group owns both Man City and New York City FC. The weekly salary indicated on Messi’s contract with Man City will be 600,000 pounds, but his actual salary will be more than 1.7 million pounds / week, because the rest will be calculated as the fee which City Football Group pays to use of this Messi’s image copyright.

This can be seen as a solution so that Man City cannot be touched by UEFA to penalize under financial law, because the amount paid to Messi for the use of image copyright will be the responsibility of the CFG and UEFA cannot be fined. Man City when they pay Messi on paper each year is just over 31 million pounds.
Messi may even pocket an extra £ 225 million if he goes to New York City FC, that amount will be considered a hand-to-hand fee paid by the American club instead of Man City. New York City FC belongs to CONCACAF, not UEFA, but CONCACAF has no financial institution. Not even excluding the possibility that New York City FC will let Man City “borrow” Messi if he wants to continue to play in Europe.