The French military leader, Mr. Rudi Garcia, said that Manchester City’s colleague Pep Guardiola had studied very carefully Lyon’s playstyle, and applied a similar strategy to suppress but failed.

HLV Rudi Garcia đã tài tình đánh bại được người đồng nghiệp Pep Guardiola trong cuộc đối đầu về mặt chiến thuật /// Reuters

According to Rudi Garcia’s speculation, the reason coach Pep Guardiola confidently changed his tactics from the familiar 4-3-3 to 3-5-2 similar to Lyon, because he thinks that the quality of Man City players is better and will be Overcoming the enemy to win a sure win in hand.
But in fact, Man City had to suffer a big defeat against Lyon to 1-3 in the position of completely not active in the quarter finals of the Champions League on August 16.

The French team took a 1-0 lead for Maxwel Cornet to score in the first half of the first half, then in the second half Kevin De Bruyne equalized 1-1 in the 69th minute, but in the end the English club collapsed completely at about more than 10 minutes at the end of the game when the substitute came on for Moussa Dembele to double in the 79th and 87th minutes.
Mr. Rudi Garcia told RMC Sports channel that: “Of course, confronting a talented coach like Pep Guardiola you have to prepare everything, and expect everything to happen. However, I still decided to choose a strategy to confront the tactics that are almost similar to the opponents. We won this tactical confrontation, thanks to Lyon’s more fluent application and transformation.

HLV Rudi Garcia: ‘Man City bị sập bẫy của Lyon’ - ảnh 1

This, perhaps the enemy was also surprised. But we were completely in control of our squad, and especially locked on Man City’s most damn detonator, midfielder Kevin De Bruyne most of the game. This is the key to Lyon’s victory. But tactics aren’t everything. The spirit of the players of Lyon is also an important factor to combine and subdue opponents much stronger than themselves.
Also according to Mr. Rudi Garcia: Lyon is not appreciated. But the spirit of the players is never submissive, thereby creating a collective strength. We overcame Man City when we scored 3 goals and conceded only 1 goal. This is unbelievable for everyone, but for us, it was completely no surprise. Just like I told Moussa Dembele, you should be patient on the pitch from the bench, since you are a big part of my strategy. Happily, Moussa Dembele always accepts and he scored 2 goals.