English football teams canceled two friendly matches because of Covid-19

The England national team had to cancel two friendly matches because of Covid-19
The England national football team canceled two friendly matches against Italy and Denmark in late March due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe. This is the result of an extraordinary meeting between the English Football Federation, the English Football Association and its related units today.
The parties agreed to postpone all football activities in the foggy country until 4 May to prevent the spread of disease caused by the new strain of the corona virus.

Members of the Everton, Watford, and Bournemouth football clubs have also quarantined themselves after members of those teams showed signs of Covid-19 infection. Earlier, both Arsenal and Chelsea were quarantined because coach Mikel Arteta and player Callum Hudson-Odoi were infected with the new strain of coronavirus.

Tin bóng đá 13/3: Đội tuyển Anh hủy bỏ 2 trận giao hữu vì Covid-19

The Premier League organizing committee decided on the fate of the season
and on April 16, the Premier League team, along with the top clubs, will meet online to decide the fate of the remaining matches of this season. A proposal expected to be made at the next meeting is that the tournament will end on June 30, whether or not the remaining 92 matches will be kicked. Independent newspaper said there are 9 clubs supporting the proposal proposed to complete before June 30.
One of the reasons clubs wanted the tournament to end on June 30 was because they were worried about the contractual maturity of the players at the time mentioned above. Although FIFA has decided that clubs can extend their contracts with the players until the end of the season, teams in the UK are concerned that this will entail contracting laws in the UK.
Previous meetings discussed the financial and salary issues of the players in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, crippling the club’s business operations. Today’s meeting will discuss the best solution to complete this season.

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However, football officials in the UK are still uncertain when the top league of the Mist will return. On April 3, the Premier League organizers declared the tournament to be postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 epidemic and will return at a “safe and appropriate time”.

Son Heung-min and historic poker in Asian football

In the second round of the Premier League , Tottenham had a difficult start against Southampton when they conceded early. However, the excellence of the duo Harry Kane – Son Heung-min helped Tottenham come upstream to win a jubilant 5-2 victory over the home team. While Kane had 1 goal and 4 assists, Son also impressed with 4 goals.

With a poker shot against the South English team, Son Heung-min made history as the first Asian player to score 4 goals in a match in the Premier League. Son is also the first Korean striker to complete a hat-trick in this tournament. And yet, all 4 of Son’s goals were created by Kane.
Before that, Asian football had a star who scored a hat-trick in a Premier League match. It was Japanese midfielder Shinji Kagawa with 3 goals against Norwich City in 2013. At that time, Kagawa was also in Manchester United.

Notably in the interview that followed, Mourinho also interrupted the interview after the match of Son Heung-min. Specifically, when Son was interviewing after the game, coach Jose Mourinho came up and said briefly: “The best player in the match – Harry Kane” and then smiled and patted the student.

The Korean striker also shared with a similar sentiment: “I would say the same. I would say that Kane is the best player in the match because he has scored and has four assists. This is the season. Friday that Harry and I travel together. We understand each other and want to build a good relationship both on and off the pitch.

Thanks to the shining screen against Sotuhampton, Son Heung-min has just joined the list of 28 players who have scored 4 goals in a Premier League match. Some of the other Liverpool players to appear on this list include Mohamed Salah and Luis Suarez.
However, two of the most famous of the poker came in games against Liverpool with Mark Viduka in the 4-3 win for Leeds and Andrey Arshavin in Arsenal’s 4-4 draw at Anfield.
There are only 6 cases where there are 2 times 4 goals per game: Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Frank Lampard, Yakubu and Aguero.
So far, only five players have scored five goals in one Premier League game including Andy Cole, Alan Shearer, Jermain Defoe, Dimitar Berbatov and Sergio Aguero.

Kai Havertz gave up 10 million euros to join Chelsea

Kai Havertz joined Chelsea for a transfer fee of up to 80 million euros, making the German star the most expensive contract in the history of the Stamford Bridge team. However, the above figure is considered to be still cheap compared to the value of Havertz, a 21-year-old player and considered the brightest German star at the moment.

What makes Chelsea buy Havertz for a fee of 80 million pounds, in addition to the negotiating ability of female director Marina Granovskaia, thanks to the great sacrifice of the German star.
In the agreement between Chelsea and Bayer Leverkusen, the English team has to pay 80 million euros in advance, leaving about 20 million surcharges depending on the performance of the team and Kai Havertz himself in the future. In total, Havertz’s transfer to Chelsea could be up to 100 million euros.

Notably, in the agreement between the two teams, there is also a provision that Havertz will receive 10% of the transfer fee. However, the 21-year-old himself and his affiliates accept to give up the money, instead receiving bonuses depending on his performance at Chelsea.
Havertz’s move is said to reduce the amount of money Chelsea have to spend on this deal, thereby helping the young German star to join the English team soon.
Kai Havertz is said to have a very good relationship with Chelsea manager Frank Lampard. About half a year ago, the British strategist has been in constant contact with Havertz via phone calls. Coach Lampard is the important reason why the star born in 1999 insisted on choosing Chelsea as his next destination.

Daniel James sent a declaration of war to Greenwood

Last season, midfielder Daniel James played very well in the MU shirt in the first leg. The Welsh star constantly scores and assists. But since the Covid-19 epidemic, the former Swansea star has been almost eliminated from the MU main team.

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer used Mason Greenwood instead of continuing to give the main kick to a player born in 1997. In a recent statement, James announced that he would not leave MU on loan. The Welsh star will endeavor to practice and focus on competition, thereby hoping to regain the main position.
Most recently, Daniel James shone in Wales’ 1-0 victory over Finland in the Nations League. Accordingly, the 23-year-old player is the creator for Kieffer Moore to score the only goal of the match.
Even the MU star also won the title of the best player in the match with 3 times creating opportunities for his teammates. Daniel James’s impressive performance against Finland was the message the player wanted to send to Mason Greenwood, in which he was determined to regain his position.

Coach Ryan Giggs was quite pleased with what James showed. He said: “It was a difficult game, but we played the game right and won. I have to give Daniel James praise, he had a good game. He did it all. his abilities “.

Contract Messi – Man City: Huge cost

Barcelona and Lionel Messi are in a tense legal battle over whether he still has a contract with the club or is legally terminated. Messi wants to leave the Nou Camp to be free to choose the next destination in his career, but Barca is determined to keep and stick to the 700 million euro release clause.

But at the moment Man City is very optimistic that sooner or later the Argentine superstar will set foot on Etihad to meet coach Pep Guardiola and help him reclaim the Premier League crown and bring “The Citizens” for the first time at Champions League. But only Leo’s appearance in Manchester will make Man City profitable commercially.
And Man City will definitely pay Messi very well for the benefits he brings. According to Sport in Catalunya, Messi can make up to 90 million pounds a year if he joins City, a total of 450 million pounds in a 5-year contract in which he will kick at least 3 years in Man City and The remaining 2 years are choosing to wear New York City FC in the US.
It is worth mentioning that Messi’s contract will actually belong to City Football Group because the group owns both Man City and New York City FC. The weekly salary indicated on Messi’s contract with Man City will be 600,000 pounds, but his actual salary will be more than 1.7 million pounds / week, because the rest will be calculated as the fee which City Football Group pays to use of this Messi’s image copyright.

This can be seen as a solution so that Man City cannot be touched by UEFA to penalize under financial law, because the amount paid to Messi for the use of image copyright will be the responsibility of the CFG and UEFA cannot be fined. Man City when they pay Messi on paper each year is just over 31 million pounds.
Messi may even pocket an extra £ 225 million if he goes to New York City FC, that amount will be considered a hand-to-hand fee paid by the American club instead of Man City. New York City FC belongs to CONCACAF, not UEFA, but CONCACAF has no financial institution. Not even excluding the possibility that New York City FC will let Man City “borrow” Messi if he wants to continue to play in Europe.

Coach Rudi Garcia: ‘Man City falls into the trap of Lyon’

The French military leader, Mr. Rudi Garcia, said that Manchester City’s colleague Pep Guardiola had studied very carefully Lyon’s playstyle, and applied a similar strategy to suppress but failed.

HLV Rudi Garcia đã tài tình đánh bại được người đồng nghiệp Pep Guardiola trong cuộc đối đầu về mặt chiến thuật /// Reuters

According to Rudi Garcia’s speculation, the reason coach Pep Guardiola confidently changed his tactics from the familiar 4-3-3 to 3-5-2 similar to Lyon, because he thinks that the quality of Man City players is better and will be Overcoming the enemy to win a sure win in hand.
But in fact, Man City had to suffer a big defeat against Lyon to 1-3 in the position of completely not active in the quarter finals of the Champions League on August 16.

The French team took a 1-0 lead for Maxwel Cornet to score in the first half of the first half, then in the second half Kevin De Bruyne equalized 1-1 in the 69th minute, but in the end the English club collapsed completely at about more than 10 minutes at the end of the game when the substitute came on for Moussa Dembele to double in the 79th and 87th minutes.
Mr. Rudi Garcia told RMC Sports channel that: “Of course, confronting a talented coach like Pep Guardiola you have to prepare everything, and expect everything to happen. However, I still decided to choose a strategy to confront the tactics that are almost similar to the opponents. We won this tactical confrontation, thanks to Lyon’s more fluent application and transformation.

HLV Rudi Garcia: ‘Man City bị sập bẫy của Lyon’ - ảnh 1

This, perhaps the enemy was also surprised. But we were completely in control of our squad, and especially locked on Man City’s most damn detonator, midfielder Kevin De Bruyne most of the game. This is the key to Lyon’s victory. But tactics aren’t everything. The spirit of the players of Lyon is also an important factor to combine and subdue opponents much stronger than themselves.
Also according to Mr. Rudi Garcia: Lyon is not appreciated. But the spirit of the players is never submissive, thereby creating a collective strength. We overcame Man City when we scored 3 goals and conceded only 1 goal. This is unbelievable for everyone, but for us, it was completely no surprise. Just like I told Moussa Dembele, you should be patient on the pitch from the bench, since you are a big part of my strategy. Happily, Moussa Dembele always accepts and he scored 2 goals.

Willan called Arsenal star after confirming his departure from Chelsea

Willian wrote an emotional letter to the Chelsea fans, at the same time he had a conversation with the Arsenal defender, signaling his joining the Gunners.
Last night (August 9, Vietnam time), Willian posted a confession line for Chelsea fans:
“An open letter to the Chelsea fans. This has been a great 7 years. In August 2013, when I received an offer from Chelsea, I was convinced this was where I wanted to go. Now, I am sure that was the right decision. There were lots of happy times, sometimes suffering, there were titles and the atmosphere was always passionate.
Above all the titles, I learned a lot about myself here. I had a great contract, a better player, a better person. With every training session, every game, every minute in the dressing room, I always learn.

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I am very grateful to Chelsea fans for their warm welcome at Stamford Bridge and their support throughout the years. There are criticisms, which are very common in football. It is important that both encouragement and criticism lead me to dedicate everything on the training ground and every game, to always improve myself until the very last moments of playing for Chelsea!
The time has come for me to move on. I will really miss my teammates. I will miss every employee of the club who always treats me like a guy. I will also miss the fans. I will leave with my head held high, knowing I’ve won here and giving my all to the Chelsea shirt.
I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you all!”

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Willian spent some time on the video call with Arsenal star David Luiz on the same day he announced he was leaving Chelsea. He has been closely linked with the move from Chelsea to Arsenal, the Gunners are believed to be ready to fulfill Willian’s demand for a three-year contract and Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta wants to bolster the club’s spike.

Arsenal agreed to raise wages for Aubameyang, but still far behind Mesut Ozil

The London Gunners are about to tie the Gabon striker with a new contract with attractive terms.

The 2019/20 season has ended relatively successfully with Arsenal winning the FA Cup. In the final against Chelsea, The Gunner was successfully upstream thanks to the excellence of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Accordingly, the 31-year-old striker scored both goals for the North London club.
After the match, the former Borussia Dortmund star enthusiastically celebrated with his teammates, accompanied by a bright smile. In the past few days, the future of striker born in 1989 is a problem that makes the Gunner headache. The contract between the two parties is only valid until June 2021. However, Arsenal’s victory in the FA Cup and a ticket to attend the Europa League next season made the negotiations go smoothly.

Arsenal tăng lương cho Aubameyang - Bóng Đá

According to the Daily Mail, the Gunners will provide Aubameyang with a new 3-year contract, with a salary of £ 250,000 / week, higher than the current £ 180,000 / week he is currently enjoying. However, the new deal has yet to bring the highest-earning Arsenal striker Gabon, because he is still inferior to the leader Mesut Ozil – receiving £ 350,000 a week.

Arsenal, phía trước là bầu trời - Bongdaplus.vn

Since arriving in the Premier League, Aubameyang has shown impressive goalscoring style. The 31-year-old striker contributed 68 goals after 85 matches in the highest league in England. The former Dortmund star was the hero who scored twice against Chelsea to help Arsenal upstream to win the FA Cup.

Defeat Wolves, Chelsea still can not stand on Man United

Despite winning 2-0 against Wolves, Chelsea still ranked 4th in the final, as United also won all 3 points in the match at the same time.
Welcoming Wolves at home, Chelsea only needs to keep 1 point to be in the Top 4. However, the defense has never been the strength of Frank Lampard’s students. On the other side of the battle line, “Wolves” need 3 points to secure the ticket to the Europa League.
The first few minutes are exactly the same as the set out of the scenarios. Chelsea actively took the ball, stretched the Wolves squad and waited for space to throw a “fist”. However, this way of playing modestly creates opportunities for “Wolves” to accelerate.
Although the ball was held less, for most of the first half, Wolves was the team that held many dangerous opportunities. Wingers like Matt Doherty and Pedro Neto know how to carve into the left corridor of Chelsea. The void of the center-back three, plus the rising interest of Marcos Alonso always makes the Blues open. Without the sanity of Zouma and goalkeeper Caballero, the home team would most likely have conceded a goal.


When the first half seemed to end with a goalless draw, Chelsea suddenly pushed up the squad and took full advantage of two braking situations in stoppage time.
Mason Mount shines with 1 goal and 1 assist to help the home team solve the match. After a magnificent free kick in the 45 + 2 minute to open the score 1-0, the 21-year-old midfielder continued to impress with a release of the ball just so that Olivier Giroud escaped to score the second goal doubled the gap.

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Receiving a “painful blow” just before the break, Wolves had no other way to raise the attack in the second half. Coach Nuno Santo threw all the best cards on the bench into the field. Adama Traore, Daniel Podence, and Joao Moutinho are all significant aid to the offensive.
The Chelsea defense relies on goalkeeper Caballero, while the attack is driven by the dynamism of Mason Mount. The duo played well to help the Blues operate smoothly and control the second half of the match well. Unfortunately, the home team could not score more goals despite launching Abraham, Pedro, and Ross Barkley into the field in the last minutes of the match.

Son Heung-min scored an unprecedented feat in the Premier League

Although he did not score, Son Heung-min also left a mark in Tottenham’s 3-star victory against Leicester City in the 37 Premier League round. The 27-year-old striker was the one who launched the nasty goal to make the ball beat the opponent defender’s foot, bringing the score to Spurs.

GW17 Ones to watch: Son Heung-min

Immediately after the match, Son was honored by Tottenham with all 4 individual titles including Spurs Player of the Season, Spurs’s best goal of the season, the best player selected by the youth team, and Spurs’ best player of the season according to NHM polls worldwide.

son heung min

This is the first time an Asian player has done this not only at Tottenham but also in the history of the Premier League. With 18 goals and 11 assists, “Sonny” deserves this award from the host team.
However, this was an unsuccessful season for the Tottenham Hotspur team. In addition to being eliminated early by Leipzig in the round of 16 of the Champions League, Mourinho’s army also has no chance to win tickets to the Champions League next season.

Mason Greenwood with MU: Keep your feet on the ground

MU has just won a feat of winning 4 consecutive matches in the Premier League with 3 or more goals, and Mason Greenwood has a very prominent participation in this series of results.

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Specifically, Greenwood scored 4 goals in the last 3 matches, against Brighton, Bournemouth and Aston Villa.
Not appearing much in the early stages of the season, but entering the sprint race after Covid-19, Greenwood had more frequency of competition, and he quickly asserted his value.
A series of milestones associated with teenage players are set. Greenwood became the first 18-year-old player to score three consecutive Premier League matches in the 21st century.
After the Aston Villa victory, Greenwood went down in history as the second young MU player to score three consecutive matches in England’s highest football tournament in 62 years.
Mason conquered this miraculous milestone at the age of 18 and 282 days. The youngest was Alex Dawson, April 1958 – when he was 18 and 54 days old.
Greenwood scored 9 goals in the Premier League 2019-20, after 28 finishes, with 18 accuracy. Thus, the conversion rate of his shots into goals is 32.1%.

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This rate is more than double the MU average in the Premier League. The Reds succeed with 15.5% of finishes. Details are 380 shots, 200 shots on target, and 59 goals.
Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford – who have 15 goals in the Premier League – are not as effective as Greenwood, 28.8% and 21.7%, respectively.

Therefore, while helping Greenwood develop, coach Solskjaer needs to help the young brother maintain his feet on the ground away from the glamor and the media attached.
More than anyone else, it is Mason who has to regulate and control himself.
Over the years, MU and European football have a lot of talent to appear. But it is rare for adults to have many different factors.
“Mason must control his own life, the right activities to develop potential,” coach Solskjaer warned.
Greenwood – who is aiming to score the fourth match in a row – needs to be alert to take control of his path.