English football teams canceled two friendly matches because of Covid-19

The England national team had to cancel two friendly matches because of Covid-19
The England national football team canceled two friendly matches against Italy and Denmark in late March due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe. This is the result of an extraordinary meeting between the English Football Federation, the English Football Association and its related units today.
The parties agreed to postpone all football activities in the foggy country until 4 May to prevent the spread of disease caused by the new strain of the corona virus.

Members of the Everton, Watford, and Bournemouth football clubs have also quarantined themselves after members of those teams showed signs of Covid-19 infection. Earlier, both Arsenal and Chelsea were quarantined because coach Mikel Arteta and player Callum Hudson-Odoi were infected with the new strain of coronavirus.

Tin bóng đá 13/3: Đội tuyển Anh hủy bỏ 2 trận giao hữu vì Covid-19

The Premier League organizing committee decided on the fate of the season
and on April 16, the Premier League team, along with the top clubs, will meet online to decide the fate of the remaining matches of this season. A proposal expected to be made at the next meeting is that the tournament will end on June 30, whether or not the remaining 92 matches will be kicked. Independent newspaper said there are 9 clubs supporting the proposal proposed to complete before June 30.
One of the reasons clubs wanted the tournament to end on June 30 was because they were worried about the contractual maturity of the players at the time mentioned above. Although FIFA has decided that clubs can extend their contracts with the players until the end of the season, teams in the UK are concerned that this will entail contracting laws in the UK.
Previous meetings discussed the financial and salary issues of the players in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, crippling the club’s business operations. Today’s meeting will discuss the best solution to complete this season.

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However, football officials in the UK are still uncertain when the top league of the Mist will return. On April 3, the Premier League organizers declared the tournament to be postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 epidemic and will return at a “safe and appropriate time”.

MU has the same score as Liverpool in the Premier League

MU continues to show a “destructive” form when defeating Aston Villa in the early round of 17 match in the Premier League, thereby leveling the score gap with Liverpool. Therefore, the British media was extremely excited by Solskjaer teachers and students who are contributing to “warm up” the championship race with Liverpool before the encounter between the two teams in round 19 (January 17).

“While Klopp’s teachers and students lost points in the last 2 games, MU is doing very well with 4 wins after the last 5 matches. The encounter between the two teams at Anfield in round 19 will have an important meaning in the championship race. “, excerpt from the Mirror article.

In theory, MU is still behind Liverpool because of the lack of difference, but the impressive performance of “Red Devils” made The Sun excited. Instead of using the word “second place”, this newspaper humorously stated that Solskjaer teachers and students were “sharing the first place with Liverpool in terms of scores”.

“A new year, but MU has returned to the old image: the candidate challenged the championship. For the first time since 2013, over four generations of coaches, 36 recruits were recruited with 1 billion pounds thrown into the market. In terms of points, MU is sharing the top spot with Liverpool, although in fact, they are still behind the opponent with the goal difference – the loss “, excerpts from the article on The Sun.

The Daily Mail page confirmed that coach Solskjaer should start thinking about the championship, instead of being cautious as before in the context of his students playing too well:

“The fifth victory within 16 days of Christmas brought MU to the top of the rankings with Liverpool, a position they have not had since the beginning of 2013 under Sir Alex Ferguson, spent eight long years. thought it was too early to talk about the championship, but he could not say it forever if the team continues to play impressively as it is now.

As usual, Bruno Fernandes is still the most mentioned name after every MU victory. The Portuguese star continued to play aggressively and directly scored the 2-1 goal on the penalty spot.

The Daily Mail wrote: “Bruno Fernandes became MU ace again with his 11th goal this season. He has contributed 33 goals in 30 appearances for the Red Devils, including 19 goals and 14 assists, incredible achievement “.

Meanwhile, the Mirror page is full of praise for Paul Pogba, and at the same time expresses concern because the weaknesses of MU’s defense have not been completely overcome:

Pogba played an important role in MU’s victory. He was the initiator of the attack that led to the first goal, and at the same time brought a penalty to Fernandes. by defense mistakes.

Premier League ranking: Liverpool and Tottenham missed, MU breathed

Interesting surprises have come in a row in the 15th round of the Premier League. MU led 2 times but still let Leicester City draw 2-2, Arsenal, despite being underestimated, suddenly won Chelsea 3-1, and this morning (December 28), it was the defending champion Liverpool ” Hold the gold and let it fall “against West Brom.

Playing at Anfield’s home ground and having a lead in the 12th minute thanks to Sadio Mane, but “The Kop” dropped the victory when being headed by Semi Ajayi to set a 1-1 draw for the visitors in the 82nd minute. This is the first time this season Liverpool have failed to win all three points at Anfield in the Premier League.

Liverpool still leads the Premier League standings this season with 32 points after 15 matches. However, “The Kop” is only 3 points better than the current second-place team, neighbor Everton. The remaining two teams in the top 4 are Leicester City (28 points after 15 games) and MU (27 points after 14 games, and 1 match has not been compensated with Burnley).

Tottenham missed the chance to return to the top 4 after being held 1-1 in Wolverhampton’s trip this morning. Jose Mourinho’s team led the “pack of wolves” thanks to a long shot from the goal in the 57th second of Tanguy Ndombele. However, the dangerous header of Romain Saiss just 4 minutes before the official playing time on Molineux ended helped Wolves to escape.

The fact that Tottenham dropped 2 points has helped MU benefit when “Red Devils” still retain their position in the top 4 when they are over 1 point and 1 level on the Premier League chart.

Meanwhile, despite having just made the miracle of holding Liverpool at Anfield, West Brom is still ranked 19 out of 20 teams in the Premier League this season. Coach Sam Allardyce’s team has only 8 points after 15 matches. Currently, West Brom and Fulham (11 points) and Sheffield United (2 points) are 3 teams in the group with a high risk of relegation.

As for Wolves, although coach and coach Nuno Espirito Santo managed to keep Tottenham, “Wolves” is still ranked 11th in the Premier League with 21 points after the 15th round ended.

Liverpool is considering transferring Salah

I talked to Salah about the situation at Liverpool. He was very sad. However, it did not affect his performance on the pitch,” said former Egypt international and Salah’s former teammate, Mohamed Aboutrika confirmed on beIN Sports channel. “I know Salah is not happy at Liverpool anymore. He told me the reasons, but it is a secret and I cannot tell it. One of them is that he was not selected as captain against Midtjylland. , as he shared.

Liverpool met Midtjylland in the final round of the Champions League group stage. This is a procedural match, because the English team has definitely led with tickets going on from the previous matches. Jordan Henderson is not in play, but coach Jurgen Klopp gives the captain’s armband to 22-year-old defender Trent Alexander-Arnold, instead of Salah. After that, the Egyptian striker shared his disappointment on AS (Spain).

In the same interview, he reiterated his admiration for Real Madrid and Barca. In the past, the two La Liga giants were repeatedly believed to be related to the Liverpool star. “If Salah was a Real or Barca player and played at the level like Liverpool, he would win the Ballon d’Or,” said Aboutrika – born in 1978 and played 100 games with the Egyptian team – added. “It is normal for a Spanish newspaper to ask Salah about Real and Barca. In my opinion, Liverpool is considering selling Salah for economic purposes. I do not have any influence on Salah’s decision. He smart enough to know what’s best for you.

In the 7-0 win over Crystal Palace over the weekend, Salah started on the bench. Coach Klopp explained that he needed to give the player a chance to rest after a busy time. After entering the second half, Salah netted twice.

Roy Keane is angry because the player hugged each other at the Manchester derby

This game is very bad,” Keane told Sky Sports after a 0-0 draw between Man Utd and Man City. “With the quality of the two-team squad, they need to show their desire to win. What Derby has only two yellow cards. I have not seen a derby that players hug and talk so much after the game. smiling and hugging the players, instead of going straight into the tunnel. I don’t understand them anymore. Everyone wants to be friends. I’m too angry because I think they have to find a way to win.

Man City held the ball as much as expected,” added Keane. “But they just pass and pass, it’s too easy to get cards. Never kick a draw, always try to win. Liverpool and Tottenham are playing well, and the other teams need to chase these two teams. playing for Man Utd, the goal is to win the match, not make friends.

The two teams only got four shots on goal. In the 79th minute, referee Chris Kavanagh drew the first yellow card, giving Harry Maguire. He drew only one more card in the 87th minute for Fernandinho.

Man Utd has a very good defense in this game,” said Keane, who received 69 yellow and seven red cards in 366 Premier League games. “But the attacking abilities of the two teams are very bad, very disappointing. They need to take a little more risk. I am not saying that they have to put seven or eight players in the penalty box. The midfielder John Stones said after the game. That he was satisfied with keeping a clean sheet, blah blah blah. It was played that he had to aim to win.

Mikel Arteta transforms Arsenal: Get back in time!

The Premier League saw the Super Sunday match well worth it, with Arsenal coming as a guest against Tottenham. The distance between the two teams now may be 12 places and 8 points after 10 matches, but the heat from the derby will never cool.

There is something quite confusing, when Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham – a coach notorious for his defensive philosophy, is one of the three teams to score the most goals in the Premier League, in the Top 3. Of course , along with conceding the least.

By contrast, Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal – who has been forged and worked in an attacking football environment – has only scored 10 goals in 10 matches. If you take Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City – who Arteta worked as an assistant for almost 3 years, only scoring 17 goals in 10 games to compare, it is just a fallacy. Arsenal has a problem and it’s with Arteta itself.

The Spaniard was appointed by Arsenal last December – just a month after Mourinho arrived at Tottenham. The former midfielder promises intense play, attacking play and it is believed that he really fits the style Arsene Wenger has built for Arsenal.

It is an attacking game with a feeling of carefree, even innocence, with the appearance of Man City, to achieve 2 titles in the FA Cup and Community Shield within a few months. Get into play, that’s what The Gunners fans want at Arteta.

But at an important crossroads, Arteta suddenly changed. It seemed that a 1-3 defeat at Liverpool at the end of September led Arteta to think he needed a balanced Arsenal rather than innocence. Immediately, he switched to a 4-defender plan instead of 3 as before. The result may be a victory over Liverpool at 11m in the League Cup, but Arteta did not foresee the consequences of the so-called “balance” – something Unai Emery had really wanted to do with Arsenal. As a result, Arteta’s statistics were worse than Emery at the same time.

Many big clubs don’t choose to have a well-balanced lineup to go up, but rather have a clear penchant for attack – attack or defense. There may be goals to lose, defeats are naive, but in the end, the most important thing is to score more goals than the opponent. But now, Arteta is “tied” to his attacking players, including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, into a form that makes them stuffy.

Mourinho met Chelsea again, strongly declaring “threatening” old student Lampard

Chelsea will march to Stamford Bridge Stadium to be a guest of Chelsea in the Premier League’s 10th round match. “Rooster” is ranked second on the rankings with 20 points, while “The Blues” is right behind, but only 2 points less than the opponent only.

This match will also be a return to the old roof of coach Mourinho. In the past, “Special One” led Chelsea in two periods from 2003-2007 and 2013-2015. The Portuguese teacher helped “The Blues” won a total of 3 Premier League titles, 1 FA Cup, and 3 League Cups. However, both terms saw him leave “without a trumpet.”

In the press conference before this important match, coach Mourinho confirmed that he is not interested in the current Premier League standings, but his goal is to beat Chelsea.

“Going there to Stamford Bridge or going there with Liverpool at the top of the rankings doesn’t change anything for us. As I said from the start of the season, we are just or always candidates to win the next game. The tournament is so long, we know that anything can happen, but we will go there with the goal of winning, ”said the 57-year-old strategist.

You will have to ask if Lampard is afraid of us. And we are not afraid of anyone. We respect the competition and vice versa. I don’t think they see us as an easy opponent. Lampard has a lot of experience in football and I think he knows we are a team that is able to go there and win.”

Before this match, both Chelsea and Tottenham are in extremely impressive form. “The Blues” owns a series of 6 consecutive victories in all competitions. Meanwhile, Tottenham is not inferior to a complete away victory in the Premier League this season with a series of 5 consecutive victories in all competitions. With what the two teams have shown, the London derby promises to be extremely worth watching.

Klopp bricked MU’s name, admitting it was difficult to win 100 points

Round 9 of the Premier League is really a round of champions, a measure of strength and ambition. The defending champions Liverpool receive the top team Leicester at Anfield. The heavyweight candidate Man City marched to the field of the second team Tottenham.

Before the death round, Coach Jurgen Klopp gave a very remarkable interview on Sportsmail. According to the German military leader, there are about 8 teams capable of racing the Premier League championship 2020/21.

Sportsmail quoted coach Klopp: “I think there will be eight clubs competing for the championship this season. I don’t have any problems facing an open race. Sorry, but at the moment I don’t care about the points to be champions.

The German coach believes it is impossible to win 100 points this season: “There is no team that can reach 100 points or so close. This season, we played less than 4 weeks but the number of matches is still the same. So I don’t think 100 points is achievable. 87 points is probably still too far away. I feel that this season, 85 points is enough to win ”.

Coach Klopp came to the conclusion: “If we win the championship, it will be a great achievement. Honestly, maybe even bigger than the title last season. The fact that there are so many championships is something I like about the Premier League.

According to the description of Jamie Redknapp, who did an interview with the Liverpool captain, coach Jurgen Klopp hardly mentioned MU’s role in the race for the Premier League championship 2020/21. Maybe the current position as well as the way the “Red Devils” played made the German rulers not appreciate this team.

After the first 8 rounds, MU is currently ranked 14th on the Premier League table, with 10 points after 7 matches. If Burnley can be won in the first round match, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s red team will be only 5 points behind the top team Leicester. In the context of a volatile season like the past, MU has a perfect basis for the championship race.

However, it is a fact that for the past 7 years, MU has not touched the Premier League title. Since Sir Alex Ferguson‘s retreat in the past, who have taken the place of the Old Trafford team, from David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho to the current Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, no one is considered to be doing well.

Super free squad in the 2021 Premier League

In the position of goalkeeper Sergio Romero of MU selected. The MU’s call back to Dean Henderson made the player born in 1987 become an heir. In the summer market of 2020, Romero was contacted by Everton, but MU frankly refused. The 33-year-old does not accept the bench, he will leave on a free transfer in the summer of 2021.

In the midfield position, David Luiz paired with Jonny Evans. Both were important players for Arsenal and Leicester last season. However, because these two players are old, the Gunners and the Fox have not yet offered to sign a new contract.

At right-back, Victor Moses was selected. At this time, the former Wigan player is playing in Spartak Moscow in the Russian Premier League on loan. And if nothing changes, Moses will officially say goodbye to Chelsea when the 2020/21 season ends.

On the opposite flank is Marcos Rojo. The Argentine player was included in the list to play in the Premier League this season but was not used. Leaving Old Trafford is probably the best option for a 30-year-old player.

In midfield, Fernandinho, Mesut Ozil, Georginio Wijnaldum and Juan Mata were the names chosen. Of these, Fernandinho and Wijnaldum are still used regularly, many teams covered with red carpet welcome them in the summer of 2021 in the form of a free transfer. Ozil and Mata do not have many opportunities to play but are still pursued by many teams.

In attack, Sergio Aguero and Olivier Giroud stood side by side. El Kun has not been extended by Man City, while Giroud is only the third choice after Tammy Abraham and Timo Werner.

De Bruyne failed the penalty, Man City was held by Liverpool

Playing away from home, Liverpool entered the game full of determination and a fast attacking style. From the beginning, coach Juergen Klopp applied it surprising the defense of Man City.

Sadio Mane took the ball and broke into the penalty area 11 minutes from the left flank phase and was cut down by defender Kyle Walker. The referee pointed to the 11m point and Mohamed Salah easily defeated goalkeeper Ederson on the penalty spot, opening the score for Liverpool.

Being conceded, Man City put the squad to attack and put great pressure on Liverpool’s field.

31 minutes, from a quick ball on the left wing, the ball was passed in the middle for De Bruyne. The Belgian midfielder then gave a favorable pass for Jesus to penetrate the penalty area to defeat goalkeeper Alisson, averaging 1-1 for Man City. Excited after the equalizer table, Man City continued to push up the attacking squad and successive sieges opened up opportunities for coach Pep Guardiola’s students.
In the 39th minute, from the quick ball on the right wing, De Bruyne went the ball down the penalty area and then made a cross for his teammates. Defender Joseph Gomez in an effort to stop the ball to touch the ball in the penalty area.

The Man City players reacted fiercely and referee Craig Pawson stopped the game to review the VAR. After reviewing the slow motion, the referee determined that Gomez had let the ball touch his hand in the penalty area and gave the Man City players a penalty.
But on the penalty spot, midfielder De Bruyne was disappointed when he finished out, missing the opportunity to score a second goal for Man City. The next minute, Man City continued to attack and if Jesus and De Bruyne got better at their chances, coach Pep Guardiola’s students would have ended the opponent.

In the opposite field, Liverpool also had several opportunities to score a second goal after counterattack situations, but unfortunately Alexander-Arnold, Diogo Jota… could not take advantage of even in an empty position.
In the end, Man City drew Liverpool 1-1. In this draw, Man City ranked 11th with 12 points, and 3rd with 17 points, equal to Tottenham and 1 point behind top team Leicester City.

MU bought Zaha, Chelsea recruited Ginter

MU decided to buy Zaha

The British media reported that MU has not given up on the plan to bring Wilfried Zaha back to Old Trafford.

During the summer, MU considered Zaha a priority for public goods. However, the Red Devils were forced to retreat because Crystal Palace screamed for more than 70 million pounds. MU signed Edinson Cavani instead, but this is not a solution for the long-term future. Therefore, Ed Woodward decided to put Zaha back on the transfer target list. Zaha – the author of 5 goals in the Premier League this season – is a versatile striker with good speed and dribbling ability. In particular, the 27-year-old Ivorian has always dreamed of returning to Old Trafford and shining.

Arsenal chasing Szoboszlai

Arsenal are showing interest in Dominik Szoboszlai, one of the most prominent young players in Europe today.

In fact, Arsenal has sent a supervisor to Szoboszlai for more than a year, after seeing him play at RB Salzburg. Szoboszlai has a knack for the left wing. However, the 20-year-old Hungarian can also take on the role of central midfielder. Besides Arsenal, Szoboszlai is also interested in a number of Serie A clubs (Juventus, Milan).

Everton tranh Isco

After Juventus and MU, Everton just contacted Real Madrid to discuss Isco’s transfer.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti used Isco very successfully when leading Real Madrid, so he wanted to pull him back to Everton. This season, Everton has made clear progress with James Rodriguez from Real Madrid. Therefore, the Liverpool city team is dreaming of Isco’s signature. Isco’s value has declined in recent times, as it is rarely seen. Everton offers £ 20 million, and postpay terms.

Chelsea recruits Ginter

Chelsea head to the Bundesliga market to look for new midfielder, whose goal Matthias Ginter.

This season, Chelsea has two German players, Kai Havertz and Timo Werner, stand out. This is why Frank Lampard needed Ginter. Lampard did not like Antonio Rudiger, so Ginter was seen as the main solution to strengthen Chelsea. Ginter recently showed a move to leave Gladbach. The 26-year-old midfielder is also interested in Inter’s Antonio Conte.